Serving Clackamas County, Oregon and surrounding areas.

About Summit Seamless

Summit Seamless Rain Gutters is a small company located in Clackamas County, Oregon and provides rain gutter services to Clackamas County and surrounding areas. I specialize in rain gutter installation, repair and replacement in both existing and new construction. I have worked construction for most of my adult life, and take pride in experience, knowledge and attention to detail. I don’t take shortcuts with your investment.

I use the best products, fasteners, sealant and material available for every installation. I offer various colors, gutter size profiles, downspout options, and leaf protection options. I only offer products I would (and do) use on my own home. As the owner and sole installer for my company, I can assure you timeliness and consistent quality with every job, large or small. I value quality over quantity and treat every job as if I am working on my own property.

Dax Kirkwood (Owner / Installer)

Why Choose Summit Seamless?

Consistent Quality
I use only the best products available and personally fabricate and install each custom gutter system personally to ensure you get the best quality at every job.

Attention To Detail
Details matter. Each gutter system is attached with premium hidden lag-screw fasteners so they won’t loosen or pull free. Each corner or “miter” is hand-cut, tabbed and riveted with color-matched rivets for a perfect finish and leak-free performance. No pre-fabricated corners or screws in the face of the gutter where leak protection is key.

I offer over a wide variety of colors, multiple gutter size profiles, several downspout options and various leaf control products to create a system that’s perfectly designed for your specific requirements. Each system is designed to be functional, aesthetically appealing and to protect your investment by keeping water away from the fascia, siding and foundation.¬†

are you ready for Summit Seamless Rain Gutters?

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